12th Annual SETC Teachers Institute

Thank you to the teachers and presenters who joined together for the 12th annual Teachers Institute, Wed., March 1, 2017, at Lexington Children’s Theatre in Lexington, KY, for a day of learning and inspiration.

About the SETC Teachers Institute: The SETC Teachers Institute is an all-day seminar designed for middle and high school teachers who use or integrate theatre techniques into their classroom, directors of theatre arts programs, teaching artists, and students studying to be theatre educators.

Program Highlights

Participants started the day by learning easy tech solutions from a panel of theatre technology experts in props, lighting, costuming, special effects and scenic design. In the afternoon, we jumped into the Speed Theatre Experience with guest artist Robert Kallos. The day also included lunch and a talk-back session with Teachers Institute Chair Elaine Malone.

Design Technology Demonstrations

Expert theatre artists demonstrated stress-free tech solutions on “shoestring” budgets.

  • Props on a Shoestring, presented by Shannon Robert and Matt Leckenbusch of Clemson University
  • Scenic Design on a Dime, presented by Shannon Robert
  • Thrift Store Costuming, presented by Maura Cravey of Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Stress-free Sound, presented by Michael Smith of Elon University
  • Low-budget Lighting, presented by Matt Leckenbusch

Lunch and Talk-Back With Elaine Malone

K-12 Drama Teachers! Be Your Own Champion 

Do you find that you need to justify what you do to administrators, parents and colleagues? In this time of eliminating arts from education, how do you bolster support for your drama program? Elaine shared many of the ideas she has used over 36 years of teaching high school, middle and elementary grades, offering concepts to help teachers strengthen goals in their communities and help sustain and promote the work they do with your students.

Speed Theatre Experience With Robert Kallos

Dallas-based Technical Theatre Teacher Robert Kallos finished off the afternoon with the Speed Theatre experience. Sometimes called Figurative Theatre or Toy Theatre, participants in this workshop wrote scripts based on fairy or folk tales, created story boards, and then designed the sets, lights and costumes. The groups constructed the figures, scenery and costumes, then rehearsed and performed their plays — all in 90 minutes!

Robert Kallos has used Toy Theatre in the classroom, across curriculums, and to engage students early in developing a production. Kallos knows from his own teaching experience in high schools in Georgia and Texas how important it is to engage students from the “get go.”

Professional Development Credits

Contact SETC Central Office for more information on continuing education units and/or professional development documentation. Contact your local education agency or fine arts coordinator in your county to find out what you need to qualify for Professional Development Credits. SETC will provide documentation on your participation.