SETC Fringe Festival

Vicious Hillbilly
Vicious Hillbilly
Hands Up
Hands Up
The Ballad of a Borinqueneer
The Ballad of a Borinqueneer

The SETC Fringe Festival is a non-competitive performance festival that takes place each year during the annual SETC Convention. The performances are open to all convention attendees and the general public.

2017 Fringe Festival

The 2017 Fringe Festival will take place as part of the 68th annual SETC Convention in Lexington, KY. Performances will be held at Lexington Children’s Theatre on Friday, March 3, and Saturday, March 4, 2017.

Thursday, March 2

Midnight – Tales from the Whiskey Barrel (60 min)

Performer Group: Whiskey Barrel Theatre
Creator/Playwright: Jason Ammons, Haley Ramsey
Description: The wilder (whiskey soaked) moments from Tennessee history come to life in this light hearted puppet theatre presentation of Tales From the Whiskey Barrel. Join Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, the Bell Witch and many others during this romp through the Tennessee foothills. With a whiskey barrel stage, marionettes, and a little bit of white lightning, our players will entertain and inform. We may even have a banjo.

Friday, March 3

Noon – She Made Space (65 min)

Performer Group: Hollins University Playwright’s Lab
Creator/Playwright: Meredith Dayna Levy
Description:An arrival is an arrival is an arrival is an arrival.” Echo traces her journey to her arrival in Paris, at the turn of the twentieth century.   Occupying space made by the loves and works of Sylvia Beach, Hilda Doolittle, Gertrude Stein, Dujuna Barnes, and Margaret Wise Brown, Echo critically considers her own life, and traces her steps, towards embracing her whole self.

4:30pm – Breakneck Julius Caesar (60 min)

Performer Group: Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre
Creator/Playwright: Timothy Mooney
Synopsis: Everything you need to enjoy Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” in one hour by one guy! Fresh from Five-Star performances of “Breakneck Hamlet,” Tim Mooney brings the first-ever showing of “Breakneck Julius Caesar” to SETC!

6:00pm – Vicious Hillbilly (75 min)

Performer Group: Dawn Larsen (Francis Marion University)
Creator/Playwright: Dawn Larsen
Synopsis: This one-woman show with original music, lyrics and spoken word is a poignant comedy about a progressive hillbilly woman’s experiences of dating in the deep South.  It combines songs with the story of the journey of her discovery of who is, what she wants, and that love is her divine right.

Saturday, March 4

10:30 AM – Honor & Fidelity: The Ballad of a Borinqueneer (45 min)

Performer Group: Tanya Perez
Creator Playwright: Tanya Perez
Description: “Honor and Fidelity” is a story about a woman’s journey to find her cultural identity by unraveling the history of her family’s past. Set in modern day at the San Juan boarding gate in New York’s JFK airport, the one woman play is a moving story accented with both live music performed on classical guitar and recorded original music by Perez’s grandfather and Puerto Rican serviceman, “Borinqueneer” Gelin Colon.

Noon – Hands Up (75 min)  This show has been canceled.

Performer Group: Spelman/Morehouse Colleges
Creators/ Playwrights: Nathan James, Nambi Kelley, Nathan Yunderberg, Idris Goodwin, Glenn Gordon, Dennis Allen II, Eric Holmes
Description: HANDS UP was commissioned by the New Black Fest in New York City. We produced this semester as part of a Black Lives Matter themed weekend of events. Though there are seven playwrights I cast 9 actors and made one of the monologues a trio of women. All actors are on stage the entire time sitting on hollowed boxes. We created an ensemble of actors, called the Community and they interacted with each of the monologues. We used projections to help tell the stories as they were being told and topical/popular songs in transitions.

Public seating is on a first come, first served basis. No tickets required. Priority seating will be given to SETC Convention Attendees. Persons interested in attending should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to show time for seating.

History of the Fringe Festival

In 2004, the Fringe Festival was kicked-off to a standing-room-only audience late Thursday night during SETC’s 55th Convention. Performances for the following two days showcased a wide variety of work from SETC members. From one-person shows and experimental theatre to theatre for youth productions and state festival runner-up performances, audiences continued to come and enjoy theatre. The festival has become a convention favorite.

Who Selects Productions?

SETC Vice President of Services, Pat Gagliano, leads the selection process for performances to produce a program that is varied in type, origin, intention, audience and geography.

Important Details for Fringe Festival Participants

  • Appropriate rights and royalty information must be obtained and provided for all work performed in the Fringe Festival
  • The amount of time allocated for each Fringe Festival production is 75 minutes, with up to 30 minutes for set-up and strike. Rehearsal time is not scheduled.
  • All participants must be members of SETC and must be registered for the 2017 SETC Convention by Noon ET, Dec. 16, 2016.
  • All production costs are the responsibility of the production company.
  • Some of the work may come from the state festival’s high school and community theatre festivals. It is up to the judges at each festival to recommend work. The most suitable work for a “fringe” festival might not be the runner-up or alternate production.