Outside the Box

Looking for innovative design-tech solutions?  Look no more!

Outside the Box: 25 Design-Tech Strategies to Save You Time and Money is a collection of articles and previously published columns (updated for publication) from the popular “Outside the Box: Design-Tech Solutions” column in Southern Theatre Magazine.  This publication features innovative and cost-saving solutions to design-tech problems that will inform, assist and inspire a wide spectrum of workers in the field of theatre, from seasoned professionals to recent graduates.

Outside the Box: 25 Design-Tech Strategies to Save You Time and Money is packed with practical ideas that are proven to work.  Top design-tech professionals share their secrets in this how-to book published by the Southeastern Theatre Conference.

An invaluable tool for all craftspeople in the theatre…It is my hope that OUTSIDE THE BOX will become a standard for every theatre student and professional, and I look forward to future editions of this book.
—William Ivey Long
Tony Award-Winning Costume Designer

Outside the Box explores techniques and tips in Scenery, Lighting, Special Effects, Costuming and Tech Software through 25 articles including:

Working Sink: Make Running Water with Garden Sprayer, Air
Into Thin Air: Make Actors “disappear” without Pyrotechnics
Period Shoes: Character Can Mosey to Moliere in Boots
Budget Costumes: Becoming a Clothing Cannibal to Save Money
Curved Steel: How to Build a Machine to Bend Steel Beams
Gobos: Make Your Own for Less than $2 Each
Snow: Make a Snowmaker for Less than $60
Breakaway Glass
Onstage Pool: Create a Splash Hit on Your Stage
3-D Bricks
Open Source: Save Money by Using Programs Found Online

$15.00, 88 pages, 6 x 9
Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-9802445-0-2
Original Published Date: March 2008

You can order Outside the Box online or via Fax (336) 272-8810 or email the Central Office.

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