Distinguished Career Award

2017 Award Recipient: Oskar Eustis

SETC is pleased to announce Oskar Eustis of The Public Theater as our 2017 Distinguished Career Award Recipient. Eustis will present a keynote address and attended the Saturday night Awards Banquet & Gala, where he will be presented with the award.

About the Award

The Southeastern Theatre Conference’s Distinguished Career Award is presented annually to a theatre, professional, advocate, administrator or educator who during his or her career has made outstanding contributions to the theatrical arts field. The award is presented at the Annual Convention Saturday Night Banquet. The recipient presents a keynote address earlier in the day to over 600 SETC members and convention attendees.

Past Distinguished Career Award Recipients

Year Distinguished Career Award Recipients
3/60 Stark Young
4/61 Charles Coburn
3/62 Fred Coe
4/63 Samuel Selden
3/65 John Mason Brown
3/67 Tennessee Williams
3/70 Bob Porterfield
3/71 Nunally Johnson
3/72 Roger Stevens
3/73 Marian Galloway
3/74 Ossie Davis
3/76 Melvin Douglas
3/77 Lillian Hellman
3/78 Josh Logan
3/79 John Houseman
3/80 Ellen Stewart
3/81 Jose Ferrar
3/82 Mildred Dunnock
3/83 Mercedes McCambridge
3/84 Zelda Fichandler
3/85 Patrica Zipprodt
3/86 Ben Edwards
3/87 Norris Houghton
3/88 Lloyd Richards
3/89 Zoe Caldwell
3/90 Jerome Lawrence
3/91 Arthur Lessac
3/92 Jose Quintero
3/93 Charles Strouse
3/94 Julie Harris
3/96 Jon Jory
3/97 Stephen Schwartz
3/98 Tharon Musser
3/99 Ming Cho Lee
3/00 Tom Jones & Harvey Schmidt
3/01 Edward Albee
3/02 William Ivey Long
3/03 Michael Kahn
3/04 Christopher Durang
3/05 Dixie Carter
3/06 Anne Bogart
3/07 Marsha Norman
3/08 Alliance Theatre of Atlanta
3/09 Eugene Lee
3/10 Judith Malina
3/11 Ben Cameron
3/12 Tony Walton & Richard Pilbrow
3/13 Ken Ludwig
3/14 Terrence Mann
3/15 Ben Vereen
3/16 Pearl Cleage