SETC Professional Screening Auditions

Applications for Screening Auditions are Open!

Each spring, SETC hosts combined Professional Theatre Auditions where actors can get summer, year-round, and/or seasonal work at professional theatres from across the nation. The auditions are held each March as part of SETC's annual convention. These auditions are open to all adults, senior citizens, and students over the age of 18.1

Actors who do not yet meet ALL qualifications to apply as a professional have an opportunity to secure a slot at the Spring Professional Auditions in March by attending and advancing from an SETC Professional Screening Audition in one of the 10 states within the SETC region.2 ADULTS and STUDENTS may register for the SETC Screenings. Only a percentage of those participating in the Screening Auditions will be invited to advance to the auditions in March.

High School students are not eligible to participate in state screenings. Applicants must have graduated  high school and be at least 18 years of age at the time of their fall screening date. Please contact April Marshall for any questions regarding this policy.

Actors enrolled in undergraduate programs at the time of the professional screenings, whether or not they have earned a salary acting, must attend the professional screening auditions each year.  Graduate students
in their final semester of an MFA Theatre Performance program apply directly to SETC, provided they meet all professional requirements. Those who do not meet the requirements or are not performance majors are required to attend the screenings.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: All screening applicants and their references should list the following emails in your contacts/address books to ensure that SETC emails regarding audition numbers, results, etc. are received: 

You must allow time for your reference provider to send information to SETC before you can complete your application.  If you or your reference provider need assistance, please contact us before your deadline. Do not wait until the deadline day to apply! We (at SETC's Central Office) are here and happy to assist you, but don't wait until after the deadline or it will be too late. All deadlines are at NOON Eastern Time of the date(s) specified.

You must register to screen in the state to which you are assigned. The state to which you are assigned is determined by either of the following:

  • Your state of permanent residence, ....  OR
  • The state where the college or university you now attend is located.


Select your state on map below. You will be directed to the 
assigned Screening Registration for which you are eligible.

Students: Select the state in which you attend school or have a permanent home.
Non-Students: Select the state in which you reside.
Contact SETC if you have any questions.

.Please note deadlines and links to the right

Professional Actors and Dancer-Only auditionees who do meet the qualifications may apply onine directly - preliminary auditions are not required.

If you live outside the SETC 10-state region, you may still audition. Out-of-region auditionees are assigned to specifc "border" locations. These locations advance out-of-region finalists to SETC Spring Professional Auditions (not in competition against in-state auditionees.) Roll your mouse over the state(s) below to see where you are required to audition.

SETC Region Map
Helpful TIPS for Auditioning and your Preparation
North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Georgia Alabama Florida Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Virginia Mississippi West Virginia Kentucky


2016 SETC Screening Application Deadlines
are at Noon (ET)

  Alabama: Oct. 28-29

  Florida: Nov. 4-5

  Georgia: Oct. 14-15
  Deadline: CLOSED

  Kentucky: Nov. 12-13

  Mississippi: Nov. 19-20
  Deadline: CLOSED

  North Carolina: Oct 13-14

  South Carolina: Nov. 12

  Tennessee: Oct. 22-23

  Virginia: Oct. 28-29

  West Virginia: Nov. 5

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