Spring Professional Auditions

Real Work.  Real Theatres.  Real Opportunity

The 2017 Spring Professional Auditions will be held March 2-4, 2017, as part of the 68th annual SETC Convention in Lexington Kentucky.

For more than 67 years, SETC has been bringing hiring theatre companies together with professional actors, singers and dancers all in one place: SETC’s Annual Convention. Last year's Spring Professional Auditions were a huge success, with more than 875 actors, singers and dancers auditioning for roles with 66 hiring companies. This year’s convention in Lexington, KY, will once again offer a one-stop shop for auditions and callbacks where actors can find quality work and companies can discover quality talent.

Take a look at these production photos from companies who frequently hire through SETC:

Hiring? For Theatres, Cruise Lines, Theme Parks and More

Companies Can Count on Excellence 

SETC hosts the nation's most reliable, longest running combined auditions — where quality has counted for over 66 years. Theatre companies come to these auditions knowing they’ll discover carefully screened, professional talent (from over 800 actors, dancers and singers) who you’ll be eager to hire. (Don't forget there's also Theatre Job Fair for all non-acting hiring!)

Register to Hire

To participate, theatres and their representatives must register for the SETC Convention using the form below. Give us a call if you need any help:

Auditioning ? For Actors, Singers and Dancers

Auditionees Can Count on Vast Opportunities 

Actors, dancers and singers audition for thousands of jobs with a wide variety of companies from across the nation. Find a job that fits your schedule with summer and year-round/job-in employment opportunities. Audition for a variety of entertainment venues, including repertory, stock, touring and dinner theatres, cruise ships, theme parks, etc. Audition for straight shows, musicals and/or cabaret and corporate entertainment shows.

Check Your Eligibility

You must meet certain professional qualifications to participate in SETC's Spring Professional Auditions. Click to learn more for each category:

Register and Apply to Audition

Applications Open October 17, 2016

To participate, actors, singers and dancers must register for the SETC Convention and apply and be approved for an audition spot. 

Download the correct registration packet for you, and get started on your application! Give us a call if you need any help:


Call the SETC Central Office at 336-272-3645 to speak with April.

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