Slate of Officers

A special thanks to the members who served on the 2021-2022 Nominations Committee:

Shannon Robert, 2021-2022 Nomination Committee Chair

Johanna Maynard Edwards

Andre Minkins

Cedric Rembert

Elizabeth Watkins

Kyla Kazuschyk, EDIA Rep

Dennis Wemm, Ex-Officio Member

2022-2023 Officers

The officers and the Nominations Committee members below were presented for a vote by SETC’s membership at the 2022 SETC Convention in Memphis during the annual SETC Business Meeting, which was held in the afternoon on Saturday, March 12.

For a current list of leadership please visit Board of Directors.


Maegan McNerney Azar


Ginger Poole

Past President

Tiza Garland

VP, Administration

Kris Rau McIntyre

VP, Equity & Inclusion

Adanma Onyedike Barton

VP, Finance

Annette Grevious

VP, Services

Neno Russell

VP, States*

VP, Divisions*

* The States Council and Divisions Council select their nominees at the Spring Council Meetings, and then the Nominations Committee presents these nominees at the SETC Business Meeting as part of the slate. 

2022-2023 Nominations Committee

2022-2023 Chair nominee is Shannon Robert. Chair is appointed by the President following the vote at the annual SETC Business Meeting. 

Rowen Haigh

Bob Shryock

Marina Hunley-Graham

Kyla Kazuschyk


Elaine Malone

Elizabeth Watkins

Ex-Officio Member


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