EDIA Grievance Complaint Report


SETC is resolutely committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in the life and culture of our organization. We are actively interrogating our policies and practices to deliberately take action and institutionalize anti-racist and anti-oppressive policies and practice. SETC will work to center marginalized voices, bodies, and stories. We will listen and learn about racism, discrimination, and adversity.

To support SETC’s Ethos Statement above, we provide opportunity for any constituent to report a grievance/complaint.  To file a report, please complete the online form (below) giving as much information as possible.  The form must be completed by the complainant for accuracy and comprehensiveness so an appropriate investigation can be launched.  The form may be submitted to the SETC President and/or the SETC Executive Director.  The basis of the report and possible solutions will lead the President and/or Executive Director to assign suitable investigators which may or may not include attorneys, police, etc.  An appropriate investigation will ensue and a written response with remedial action that can be legally disclosed will follow as soon as practical, generally within fifteen (15) business days.  SETC cannot accept anonymous reports, but complainants and information will be kept confidential to the extent the investigation and law allows.

If you have suggestions other than a grievance/complaint for SETC regarding its EDIA initiatives, please e-mail them to the SETC President, Ginger Poole, at president@setc.org or the SETC Executive Director, Toni Simmons Henson, at toni@setc.org.

EDIA Grievance Report

  • Person Reporting

  • Grievance/Complaint Description

  • Explain your situation with as much detail as you can. Clarify if you are reporting an incident that happened to you and/or if you are reporting on behalf of other(s). Identify the person(s) who you believe engaged in misconduct. Identify any witness(es) who have personal knowledge of the incidents or misconduct you describe. Include name(s), working relationship(s), date of the incident(s), specific location(s), and any supporting details.
  • Describe the specific way(s) in which you believe you or another have been harmed as a result of the circumstances reported above. Provide possible solutions SETC could use to resolve the situation to your satisfaction (i.e. describe what you would like to see done).
  • Of all the people named above, both complainants and accused, who is aware this report is being made?
  • SETC cannot accept anonymous reports, but complainants and information will be kept confidential to the extent the investigation and law allows.
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    • Submission

      By submitting this complaint, I certify that the information given in this statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge or belief. I understand I will be contacted by SETC to discuss and/or respond to my concerns.
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