Fall Professional Auditions

2020 Fall Professional Auditions

August 30-31, 2020 or online digitally

Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, Uptown Charlotte, NC
Due to COVID-19, “live” auditions in Charlotte are pending. We hope to make a decision by later July .

Applications open June 22, 2020
Early Bird Deadline – Before 12:00 PM EDT, July 1, 2020 – $35  (Deadline Passed)
Regular Deadline – Before 12:00 PM EDT, August 7, 2020 – $45

NOTE: You will not be charged fees until you are accepted.

Audition Changes for 2020:

The 2020 Fall Auditions are traditionally held as live auditions, however as a result of Covid-19, the process has been altered to increase the opportunities for those who are not able or willing to travel or attend in person.

Applicants will select from two options:

  1. Choose to attend the in-person auditions in Charlotte, NC
  2. Omit the live attendance, and your audition video will be shared with the hiring companies

All applicants are required to provide an audition video. This will initially serve as part of your audition application.

If you are accepted to audition after a review process and we are able to hold in-person auditions, you will either appear in person for live auditions and callbacks, or for those who select the digital option, your video will be your audition

If we are unable to hold in-person auditions, all of the initial videos will be shared with the hiring companies as the audition.

Time limits have changedAll auditionees will have a time limit of 60 seconds regardless of the type of audition you perform. This does include any slate you provide.

There will be NO Dance Call or Dancer-Only AuditionsThose persons who wish to be viewed as dancers in addition to acting and singing may also upload a dance reel to be viewed by the hiring companies.

There will be NO Fall QualifiersWe hope to bring those back next year!

Live auditions will be held only in accordance with all CDC, local and state governmental restrictions and regulations and if enough auditionees/companies indicate attendance.


Please review eligibility and procedures below.
Each section offers information regarding two specific groups:

  • Acting, Singing, or Acting & Singing

Please make sure to read the proper information based on the audition type you plan to complete.

Acting, Singing, or Acting & Singing

To participate in SETC’s Fall Professional Auditions, actors/singers must meet the following professional qualifications:

  • Have a minimum of two paid, professional, acting credits in live theatres approved by the SETC Auditions Committee OR be a fully current member of AEA (EMC does not qualify)
  • Provide two professional director recommendations from credits listed in your work experience (Non-Equity) OR proof of current AEA membership
  • Ability to accept year-round employment within a reasonable time after the auditions
  • 19 years of age or older and not still a student

Acting, Singing, or Acting & Singing

  • Video Length – Videos that exceed these time limits will not be considered.
    • 60 seconds – whether singing, acting or BOTH.
  • Required Video Elements
    • State your name
    • Material (order does not matter if doing BOTH)
      • Monologue
      • Song (song MUST be accompanied with piano music only)
  • File Format
    • Your file must be one of these types
      • .MOV
      • .AVI
      • .MP4
      • .MKV

Acting, Singing, or Acting & Singing

    1. Attendance:  
      Auditionees must attend their assigned Holding Room Briefing, the General Audition, and Callbacks, all of which are scheduled for the same day corresponding to your audition number. Changes or corrections to the information supplied on the website or this document will be announced at the briefing(s).
    2. Material:  
      Auditionees should use material they perform exceedingly well. Typically, theatres are looking for stage presence, type, quality and projection of sound, and general acting talent. Dialects should not be used and profanity for shock value is discouraged at the request of the companies. Depth and range of talent can be explored at the callbacks. Those who do not sing well are discouraged from doing so in the audition.
    3. Time Limits: 
      All Auditionees have 60 seconds for their audition whether doing just a monologue or song – or if doing Both.
    4. Accompaniment: 
      An accompanist is provided. Your music must be in the correct key; the pianist will not transpose. Your music should be sent to april@setc.org at least two weeks prior to the auditions.  You may add additional notes to the accompanist.  These will be placed in a notebook for the accompanist to use.  He may contact you prior to the auditions if there are any questions about your markings or notes.
    5. Grouping: 
      Auditionees will be seen individually and are NOT required to be in the audition room until they are on deck.
    6. Headshots: 
      Bring 15 copies of your complete resume/headshot to distribute at callbacks.
    7. Callbacks:
      At the end of each group, actors will be admitted into the Callback Posting Room in limited numbers. The audition numbers of those called back will be listed under the headings of the individual companies. Locations and general time frame for callbacks will also be posted.

      1. You should INITIAL by your audition number if you accept the callback.
      2. Write THANK YOU if you do NOT accept that callback.
      3. Go to the location posted on the company’s callback form (either in meetings rooms or rooms/suites in the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel) and sign up for a specific callback time on the schedule/sheet they have posted.
      4. Attend callback to act or sing (no dancing) during appointed times.
    8. Hiring:
      Final casting decisions may not be made until several weeks after the SETC Fall Professional Auditions. If a callback is received, it’s a good idea for the auditionee to drop the company a note during the coming days, especially if your contact information or availability changes from what is on your application. Companies also collect resumes/pictures to keep on file for the future.
SETC prohibits contracts being offered on site at this event.
Companies may contact you beginning Tuesday at 5:00pm
Note:  Additional requirements may be put into place depending on Covid 19 guidelines/restrictions.

Hiring Companies

A wide variety of theatre and entertainment companies from across the nation come to SETC for their casting/hiring needs. Professional organizations from across the U.S. attend to hire actors, singers and dancers ( and combos of all three) for their upcoming seasons. Producing groups include regional, repertory, stock, and dinner theatres, cruise ships, touring and production companies and other entities that provide monetary compensation/salary on a contracted basis to a majority of its staff. A minimum of two years production history and solid financial standing are required.

Looking to Hire?  Visit our Professional Casting Services page for an overview of information and opportunities intended for companies and casting directors.


For help with auditions or screenings:

April Marshall
Email April

For help with our application system or your account:

Email info@set.org