Fall Professional Auditions

The 2021 Fall Professional Auditions will be held virtually. 


Registration Opens – June 28, 2021
Early Bird Registration Deadline ($35) – August 1, 2021 11:59PM ET
Regular Registration Deadline ($45)  August 12, 2021 11:59PM ET
Audition Screening Period – August 13 thru 25, 2021
Auditionees Notified – August 27, 2021

Auditionees must meet the following qualifications:

  • 18 years of age or older (before Aug 12, 2021) and not currently a student
  • Ability to accept year-round employment

Required materials for all auditionees:

  • Contact Information
  • Two (2) Professional References – Name, Phone, Email Address
  • Main Audition Video (60 seconds) – Acting Only, Singing Only, Both Acting & Singing
    • Acting only – Monologue
    • Singing only – Song (song must be accompanied with piano music only)
    • Both Acting & Singing – Monologue and Song (both must be included in your video)
  • Headshot & Resume

Optional materials:

  • Dance Reel (3 minutes or less)
  • Additional Audition Video (60 seconds) – an opportunity to show more of your talent. (Note: If you are auditioning as an actor & singer, you must include both portions in your MAIN video)
  • Movement Video (60 seconds) – for performers who move well, but don’t consider themselves a dancer

Hiring Companies

Registration Opens – June 21, 2021
Registration Deadline – Indefinite
Receive Audition Gallery – August 30, 2021

Registration Fee: $75 (includes one rep; additional reps,$25 each)

Organizational Membership: $80 (required)
If your organization already has a membership, please note it must be active until August 30th to be considered current

A wide variety of theatre and entertainment companies from across the nation come to SETC for their casting/hiring needs. Professional organizations from across the U.S. attend to hire actors, singers, and a combination of both for their upcoming seasons. Producing groups include regional, repertory, stock, and dinner theatres, cruise ships, theme parks, touring and production companies that provide monetary compensation/salary on a contracted basis to a majority of its staff. A minimum of two years of production history and solid financial standing is required.

2021 Process Changes:

SETC recently surveyed its professional companies that are the traditional participants in the Fall Professional Auditions and while all would like to be in-person, they have expressed that a virtual format would be better for them at this time due to lack of travel funds.

  • All applicants are required to provide an audition video. This will serve as your audition.
  • Time limits have changed. All auditionees will have a time limit of sixty (60) seconds regardless of the type of audition performed.
  • We have added an additional audition video upload. This is so you can show more of your talent. Please be aware that this is an additional video, your main video will serve as your official audition to be screened. If you are doing both acting and singing, your main audition video will need to have both.
  • There will be no Dance Call or Dancer-Only Auditions this year. Those who wish to be viewed as dancers in addition to acting and singing may also upload a dance reel to be viewed by the hiring companies.
  • There will be no Fall Qualifiers. Since we are now screening every audition/application, qualifiers have been removed.


We are 110% committed to our constituents, inclusion, and the craft of theatre.