Hiring Companies

The following companies will be hiring at the 2018 Fall Professional Unified Auditions in Charlotte, NC. Click on the name of each company to see additional hiring details. More companies will be added to this list as they register, so keep checking in!

Please note: Hiring details are provided by the companies and are subject to change. 

Website: www.brightstartheatre.com
Location: Arden, NC
# of Theatres Represented: 50+
Type: Touring, Theatre for Youth, Musical, Non-musical, Year-round, Non-Equity
Productions: Various 40 Min TYA shows including topics like Anti Bullying, Black History, STEM/STEAM, Holidays and more!
Hire Dates: Sept. 2018 – Aug. 2019
Hiring: 20 Male/20 Female for acting, singing, dancing leads
Salary: $400/wk
Benefits: Company Van, lodging at hotels; Optional supplementary insurance benefits offered.
Additional Duties: Actors will travel around the country performing in tours of two. Company books all hotels. Tours rehearse in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC! Actors will perform in multiple 45-minute TYA shows with a Q&A after each show driving to multiple locations all across the country! Some tours may be required to teach workshops or residencies. Tours are based with only two actors and all share tour responsibilities 100%.

Website: www.circa21.com
Location: Rock Island, IL
# of Theatres Represented: 1
: Permanent Indoor, Dinner Theatre, Musical, Non-musical, Non-Equity
Productions: Annie (Oct. 25 – Dec. 30); Newsies (Jan. 3 – Feb. 3); Diamonds & Divas (Feb. 8 – April 6); Grumpy Old Men (March 28 – June 1); Holiday Inn  (May 23 – July 20); Shear Madness  (July 11 – Sept. 7);  Singin’ in the Rain (Aug. 29 – Nov. 2)
Rehearsals: Above dates include rehearsal thru closing.
Season Dates: Oct. 2018 – Nov. 2019
Hiring: 45 Males for acting, singing and/or dancing / 33 Females for acting, singing and/or dancing. Hiring all roles except Grandpa (Grumpy Old Men); Medda, Jack, Wie & Mush (Newsies); And only Eddie (Shear Madness)
Salary: $325-400/wk
Benefits: Travel allowance, housing, paid rehearsal, meals per performance, health club membership.

Website: derbydinner.com
Location: Clarksville, IN
# of Theatres Represented: 1
Permanent Indoor, Dinner Theatre, Musical, Non-musical, Year-round, Non-Equity
Productions: Holiday Inn; The Robber Bridegroom; Newsies
Hire Dates: Oct. 29 – Dec. 31; Feb. 4 – March 24; March 11 – May 19
Hiring: 40+ Male/30+ Female for acting, singing, dancing
Salary: $50 – 600/wk
Benefits: Housing, travel
Additional Duties: None

Website: www.mctinc.org
Location: Missoula, MT
# of Theatres Represented: 30+
Touring, Theatre for Youth, Educational, Year-round, Non-Equity, 3-6 months
Productions: Gulliver’s Travel In Space; The Frog Prince; Pinocchio; The Snow Queen
Hire Dates: Dec. 31, 2018 – May 25, 2019
Hiring: 20 Male/20 Female for acting, singing and dancing, some direction
Salary: $350/wk
Benefits: Housing, transportation, workman’s comp, flex, some health insurance.
Additional Duties: Teaching, set-up/strike, etc.

Website: www.nationaltheatre.com
Location: Minneapolis, MN
# of Theatres Represented: 1
Theatre for Youth, Touring, Educational, Non-Musical, Non-Equity, Seasonal (School Year)
Productions: Once Upon a Flame; and many others
Hire Dates: Fall 2018 – Spring 2019
Hiring: 40 Male/40 Female for acting – comedic and straight, leads and character
Salary: $400/wk ($200/rehearsal)
Benefits: Airfare, lodging
Additional Duties: Driving, Tracking Troupe Expenses

Website: www.norwegiancreativestudios.com
Location: Riverview, FL
# of Theatres Represented: 27
Cruise Ship; Musical, Year-round; Non-Equity
Productions: Production Shows; Across multiple cruise ships
Hire Dates: Year-round
Hiring: 40 Male/40 Female Vocalists, singers
Salary: $1,000+/wk
Benefits: Travel the world, free gym access, food and lodging provided.
Additional Duties: Social/entertainment duties.

Website: www.pratherentertainmentgroup.com
Locations: Broadway Palm Dinner (Ft Myers, FL); Dutch Apple Dinner (Lancaster, PA); Off-Broadway Palm (Ft Myers, FL); Prather & APEX (National Touring Companies)
# of Theatres Represented: 5
: Permanent Indoor; Dinner Theatre, Musical, Non-musical, Touring, Year-round, Non-equity, AEA Guest Contracts
Productions: Broadway Palm: Elf (Nov. 8 – Dec. 25); Saturday Night Fever (Dec. 11 – Feb. 9); Guys & Dolls (Jan. 31 – March 1) (Nathan Detroit and Nicely Nicely are already cast); Dutch Apple: Stand by Your Man (Dec. 27 – Feb. 9); Lucky Stiff (Jan. 31 – March 16); Joseph…Dreamcoat (March 7 – May. 4); Off-Broadway Palm: Winter Wonderettes (Nov. 1 – Dec. 25); Prather/APEX National Touring: Wizard of Oz 2018-19 National-International Tour – casting for tour replacements.
Rehearsals: Above dates include rehearsal (all rehearsals held 2 weeks prior to opening)
Season Dates: Fall 2018 to Fall 2019
Hiring: 20 Male/20 Female Non-Equity for acting, singing and dancing; 1 Male/1 Female Equity
Salary: $355-500/wk
Benefits: Housing, meals on performance days, round-trip transportation, health club membership. Tour contracts include housing, weekly per-diem, transportation.
Additional Duties: Promos, moving sets.

Website: www.rwsnyc.com
# of Theatres Represented: 30
Permanent Indoor, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks, Outdoor Theme Parks, Musical, Year-Round & Seasonal, Equity, Non-Equity.
Productions: Holland America Cruise Line Production Shows (year-round); Hersheypark (Summer & Holiday); Holiday World (Summer & Holiday); Busch Gardens (Williamsburg)
Hiring: 500+ Male/500+ Female Non-Equity & 100+ Male/100+ Female Equity for primarily singing & dancing – leads and ensemble
Salary: $450 – $1,200/wk
Benefits: Housing provided for select contracts, industry contacts
Additional Duties: None specified