SETC Professional Screening Auditions: Alabama


Due to COVID-19 all 2021 SETC Spring Professional Screening Auditions will be digital. More details will provided in the coming months.

Are These Auditions for Me?

SETC Professional Screening Auditions are for adult, senior citizen and student actors who wish to participate in the Spring Professional Auditions at the annual SETC Convention but who do not yet meet all of the required professional qualifications.*  Those who are passed through SETC Screenings will then register for and audition at the 2021 SETC Spring Professional Auditions to be held in Memphis, TN, Mar. 3 – 7, 2021.

Those who already meet the qualifications may apply directly for the Spring Professional Auditions.

You may register for the SETC Screening Auditions in this state if:

  • you have a permanent residence in Alabama,
  • or you’re currently enrolled in a post-secondary school in Alabama.

If not, go back and find your assigned state of audition.

Important Dates & Details

SETC Screening Auditions in Alabama:
Oct. 16-17, 2020

Applications Open: Sept. 15, 2020
Applications Close: Oct. 7, 2020, Noon ET


Regarding Screening Auditions in Alabama (scheduling, audition numbers, etc.):

Ellen Peck
Alabama Screenings Coordinator
Email Ellen

Regarding the Application Process & SETC Registration:

April J’Callahan Marshall
SETC Professional Theatre Services
Email April