Community Theatre Festival

Congratulations! You have earned the honor of representing your state as you advance to the Southeastern Theatre Conference’s 2017 Community Theatre Festival in Lexington, KY.

The schedule will be a tight one. Load-ins, tech meetings, rehearsals, and performances will run from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. A full schedule of these events will be available after state festivals determine the exact number of entries. Please be aware that rehearsal times may be shortened in order to accommodate our limited schedule.

This year, since 2017 is an AACTFest year, SETC’s two advancing productions will get the honor of representing our region at the National AACTFest 2017 in Rochester, MN, June 26- July 1. For our Festival, as always, we will follow AACT guidelines, a copy of which may be downloaded here: We are available to answer any questions or to assist with any special issues your production might have.

You are in for an exciting experience! Enjoy it and enjoy being a part of the community of community theatre.

We look forward seeing you in Lexington!


Betsey Horth
SETC Executive Director

Sue Ellen Gerrells
Community Theatre Festival Chair

Festival Contacts

For more information, please contact:

Sue Ellen Gerrells
Community Theatre Festival Chair
Phone: 205-936-9162

Lyle Tate
Community Theatre Festival Vice-Chair
Phone: 662-312-3610

Cadie Burks
SETC Educational Services Manager
Phone: 336-272-3645