Undergraduate Auditions & Design/Tech Interviews

Students gather to see which undergraduate theatre programs want to speak with them after their auditions.
Audition Callback Boards
Students stand by their design/technology displays and talk with undergraduate recruiters.
Design/Tech Interviews

Find Your School at SETC

SETC offers high school juniors, high school seniors, and college transfer students the opportunity to audition or interview and display portfolios for all participating recruiting schools in one convenient location at the annual SETC Convention.

  • Audition Date: Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020
  • Interview/Display Dates: Feb. 27-29, 2020
  • Where: 71st annual SETC Convention | Louisville, KY

Undergraduate Candidate Application Deadlines and Fees:

All participants must pre-register for the SETC Convention and complete an online application by the deadline.

  • Online Registration Opens: Oct. 15, 2019 @ Noon ET
  • Early-Bird Application Deadline ($20): Dec. 13, 2019 @ Noon ET
  • Final Application Deadline ($30): Jan. 22, 2020 @ Noon ET

Info for Acting Auditions:

Info for Design/Tech Interviews:

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact SETC Educational Services Manager Cadie Burks if you have any questions about auditioning or interviewing for undergraduate programs at the annual SETC Convention.

Email Cadie

Info for Recruiters

Visit our Educational Recruiting Services page for an overview of information and opportunities intended for recruiting representatives from colleges, universities and training programs, or go ahead and download the Recruiting Institution Form.

Can I audition AND interview for undergraduate school?

Yes! Make sure you inform Cadie Burks that you will be applying for both so that she can ensure your time slots do not interfere.

My school is participating in the Secondary School Theatre Festival. Can I still audition/interview?

First, congratulations on being selected to perform at SETC!! Second, YES! Make sure your teacher informs Cadie Burks that you are in the festival AND participating in the auditions/interviews so that she can make sure your audition/interview schedule does not conflict with your festival performance.

Can I pay for my convention registration before my audition/interview application is complete?

Yes. If you have already started your application, you will need to un-check the application in your profile, submit your payment for convention registration, and then check the application again. The application will be saved at the last point you saved it and you can continue to work on it.  Please note that you will need to pay the increased application fee if it is not submitted by the early-bird deadline.

I am having issues with my application. Is there anyone who can help me?

Yes! Please email Cadie Burks at cadie@setc.org. She is MORE than willing to help you with any section of your application! She can’t help if you don’t ask! You must reach out for help with your application before the application deadline.

Can I submit my application before my references respond?

No. References are a required section of the application. You will not be able to submit or pay for your application until your references are complete!

My reference is having trouble accessing the application. What do I tell them to do?

Have them call Cadie Burks at 336-272-3645. Cadie can walk your reference through the process or take the reference over the phone.

I missed the deadline. Can I still send in my audition/interview application?

No. Because of the amount of time it takes to process applications, assign audition numbers, book venue space, and schedule auditions, we are unable to allow students to submit late applications.