Active Assailant in Your Theatre: What Do You Do?

Security, Strategies and Emergency Response Planning

When: Wed., March 7, 2018 | 1:30–5:30 p.m.
Where: 69th Annual SETC Convention | Mobile, AL

Free to Convention Attendees  |  Pre-Registration Required

Ensuring a safe and secure environment for patrons and staff is a vital part of any theatre’s work. This four-hour session is designed to help theatre managers and leaders plan for and respond to potential acts of violence.

Jeffrey A. Slotnick, a board-certified security management professional, will help attendees complete a vulnerability self-assessment tool; provide a theatre-specific emergency response/active assailant plan; and assist you in tailoring the plan to your venue.

As Slotnick so succinctly said in “Active Shooter: Is Your Theatre Prepared for the Unthinkable?,” a recent article in Southern Theatre magazine, “You would never consider sending an actor onstage without proper rehearsals. Why would you treat the safety of your audiences and staff any differently?”

The session will consist of the following:

  • History of Workplace Violence in Theatres
  • Causes of Workplace Violence
    • Partner Violence
    • Domestic Violence in the Workplace
    • Disgruntled Employees and Contractors
    • Mentally Disturbed Persons
  • Mitigating Workplace Violence
    • Understanding Standard of Care and Duty of Care
    • Understanding Suspicious Behavior
    • Verbal De-Escalation Techniques
    • Immediate and Long-Term Actions to Prevent and Mitigate Workplace Violence
    • Law Enforcement and Other Professional Resources
    • Available Free Resources for Training Staff and Developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program
  • Physical Security
    • Physical Security Concepts
    • Physical Security Systems and Technologies
    • Presentation of a Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool and How to Use It
  • Developing an Emergency Response Plan
    • Presentation of a Theatre Specific Emergency Response Plan
    • How to Complete the Plan
    • Training on the Plan
    • Next Steps
Jeffrey Slotnick, President, Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services