Alice Ripley

Actress, singer and songwriter Alice Ripley joined us as a keynote speaker at the 68th annual SETC Convention in Lexington, KY in 2017. In addition to her Thursday keynote presentation, Ripley led a masterclass for high school students and performed an evening concert at Lexington Children’s Theatre.

Meet Alice Ripley

Alice Ripley just wrapped filming the role of Kathleen on the new Netflix half-hour comedy Girlboss; the first season will premiere in April 2017. Other television work includes: 30 Rock, Blue Bloods, Hee Hawand Royal Pains.

Alice earned critical acclaim and won the Best Actress in a Musical Tony and Helen Hayes awards for her work as Diana in the Pulitzer Prize-winning rock opera Next to Normal. Ms. Ripley received Tony and Drama Desk Award nominations for her work as conjoined twin Violet Hilton in the cult hit Side Show.As part of the original Broadway casts, Alice created the roles of Janet in The Rocky Horror Show, Molly Ivors in James Joyce’s The Dead, Betty Schaefer in Sunset Boulevard, the Specialist’s Assistant in The Who’s Tommy, and Bathsheba in King David, as well as having a long stay at the Imperial Theatre as Fantine in Les Miserables.

Alice stars in the award-winning indie musical movie SUGAR!, which recently gained distribution and is making a presence on the 2016 festival circuit. Other film work includes: Sing Along, Isn’t It Delicious, The Adulterer, Bear With Us, and Muckland.

Ms. Ripley is also an accomplished musician and has written and produced her own music. Recordings include: “Daily Practice: Vol 1,” “Everything’s Fine,” “Outtasite” and “RIPLEY EP,” as well as numerous Broadway cast and compilation albums. Each fall, Alice returns to Buenos Aires for the annual Next to Casi Normales concerts, co-starring Jennifer Damiano, Josefina Scaglione and Fernando Dente.


Masterclass & Pizza Party

Wed. March 1, 2017, 5:15 – 7:30pm

High school students! Join Alice Ripley on the opening night of the convention for a special workshop just for you. RSVP required.
* Sponsored by Middle Tennessee State University *

Keynote Presentation

Thurs. March 2, 2017, 2:30pm

In her SETC Convention keynote, Ripley will provide advice from the acting book she is currently writing called The 3 Courageous Cs of Masterful Acting (Community, Craft, Commitment). Open to all.

LIVE in Concert: Ripley’s Greatest Hits

Fri. March 3, 2017, 9:00 – 10:00pm

Tickets are $15 for registered SETC members and can be pre-reserved through the SETC Office at 336-272-3645. Limited seating.

Q&A Interview

Where are you from originally?

ALICE RIPLEY: I was born in California, raised in Ohio, and I’ve lived in New York City for 25 years.

How did you get involved in theatre?

ALICE RIPLEY: I’ve been onstage or singing in choirs my entire life. You just know it’s your destiny, that you will die without mastering your expression and finding your stage, so you go for it with everything you’ve got.

What advice do you have for our readers on succeeding in musical theatre and making it to Broadway?

ALICE RIPLEY: Read the book I’m writing when it’s finished: The 3 Courageous Cs of Masterful Acting (Community, Craft, Commitment.) Also, never give up on your wildest dreams, even if no one supports you. Eventually they will.

What are the benefits of working in regional theatre, as well as on Broadway?

ALICE RIPLEY: I work constantly in an ever-changing variety of mediums and contract levels: regional plays and musicals, Broadway, college-level residencies, Off-Broadway, concert venues, black boxes. There are theatre people everywhere, and they all need facility and support. There is a lot to be gained by making art on a shoestring.

You have had a career with a lot of diversity – acting in theatre, film and on TV, as well as writing and performing music. What does it take to move successfully across mediums?

ALICE RIPLEY: It takes constant self-manufactured inspiration, a serious responsibility for your talent, learning by doing things you are not good at, working with others as a source of joy, and never giving up on your wildest dreams.

What are you working on now? What’s up next?

ALICE RIPLEY: Right now I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina, rehearsing a series of Next to Normal concerts by collaborating with the Latin cast of Casi Normales here. This month I won two acting awards for my starring role SUGAR!, the indie movie that is currently touring the festival circuit. In New York later this fall I will take part in two developing original musical projects: Bubble Boy by Cinco Paul and Redrum by Joe Lovero. In February, I will be performing in the Caribbean on the Playbill Cruise.