Give and Take: The Art and Craft of Feedback

Masterclass with Suzan Zeder

When: Fri., March 9, 2018 | 9 – 11:30 a.m.
Check-in and hospitality starts at 8:30 a.m.
Where: 69th Annual SETC Convention | Mobile, AL

Cost: $40  |  Maximum 40 Participants  |  Pre-Registration Required

We give and receive feedback all the time as teachers, artists and human beings. Whether it’s in the classroom, the rehearsal hall, with an audience after a performance, or in a private conversation over a cup of coffee, we are constantly exchanging opinions and assessments about our work or the work of others. Sometime this feedback is excellent: catalytic to change, confirming of our creative spirit. Sometimes it’s not; and even a casual word at the wrong time from the wrong mouth can do irreparable harm to a tender creative plant.

In this hands-on, participational masterclass, we will examine positive and negative feedback. We’ll explore four distinctly different kinds of feedback — Evaluative, Perceptual, Analytical and Generative — and discuss how each form works and where it is most appropriate and helpful. We will practice each form by responding to a scene from a play, which we will imagine is brand new, even though it’s not. We’ll also explore strategies for posing open-ended questions, creative listening and self-preservation (how not to give away your own power; how not to lose your own voice). If time permits, we’ll look at structures for post-play discussions in the classroom, in the theatre and in informal settings.

As teachers and artists, we probably spend more time giving and receiving feedback than we do making the actual work itself. Yet this ubiquitous part of the creative process is often overlooked and under-examined. Come share your ideas and learn some new strategies.