Theatre Job Fair

Get a Job or Hire Your Crew

SETC hosts one of the nation’s largest off-stage theatre job fairs during the annual SETC Convention. If you are looking for a job or to hire for off-stage and/or “techie” theatre positions — including academic, administrative, backstage, design, stage management, costumes, props, electrical, carpentry, lighting, front-of-house, box office and other company or crew jobs, as well as intern and apprentice positions — the SETC Theatre Job Fair is the place for you!

2019 Theatre Job Fair

Thurs. Feb. 28 – Sat. Mar. 2, 2019 | 70th Annual SETC Convention
Knoxville Convention Center | Knoxville, TN

Want to Participate?

Company registration and online job candidate applications are now closed.
If you plan to register on-site as a job candidate, you must read the guidelines and complete the necessary forms below:

More About Theatre Job Fair

Companies attend the Theatre Job Fair seeking candidates to fill positions in every area of theatre, including offstage, academic, administrative, directors, backstage, design, stage management, costumes, props, electrical, carpentry, lighting, front-of-house and technical, and other type jobs for full-time, part-time, summer, job-in and including intern and apprentice positions. Employees of all skill levels come to search for jobs. During onsite interviews, candidates present portfolios, resumes, etc. Come prepared to shine!

Reasons to Pre-Register

Pre-registered job seekers receive a free online resume posting account with the SETC Theatre Job Board. With this account, you may apply directly for jobs online, and your resume and information will provided to prospective employers BEFORE the convention. Pre-registered candidates will also be admitted first into the Theatre Job Fair area (You save $$ and get in first to interview).

Actor/Tech Walk Thru

Are you a technician who has a bit of actor in you as well? If you’re interested in securing walk-in or bit roles (mostly non-speaking) in addition to your behind-the-scenes work, pre-register for the Theatre Job Fair and then sign up on-site for the Actor/Tech Walk Thru (at no additional charge) which gives you an opportunity to “audition” for jobs with a 10-second stage spot during SETC’s Annual Convention in March.


Call the SETC Central Office at 336-272-3645 to speak with April.


We hired our entire production team at SETC’s Theatre Job Fair.
– The Monomoy Theatre

If you need to get a job [in theatre] you have to come here!
– Cassandra Westovery, Ohio University

SETC is the reason I had a job last summer. I had never had a theatre job before, but I had the chance to interview and interact with these professionals and it lead to employment, which is/was a dream come true.
– Josiah Brooks, Chipola College