Life Membership

Current SETC Life Members

Katie Arjona
Maegan McNerney Azar
Thomas Azar
Jerry Bangham
Caroline Barmettler
Adanma Onyedike Barton
Jack Benjamin
John Bromels
Martha Brown
Edward Bryant
Stancil Campbell
Robert Canon
Judith Chang
Susan Cole
Franklin Coleman
Donald Creason
Donald Drapeau
Clifton “Chip” Egan
Anna Filippo
Joe Filippo
Virginia Francisco
John E. R. Friedenberg
Tara Gaige
Jeff Gibson
Aaron Gotlieb
Glen Gourley
G. David Grantham

John Gulley
Denise Halbach
Regina Harbour
Charles Hayes
Charlotte Headrick
Phil Hill
Matthew Hoch
Betsey Horth
Ruth Howell
Mike Hudson
Robert James
Julius John
Ron Keller
Martha Keravuori
Hardy Koenig
Donald Loeffler
Charles Lytle
Diana Marshall-Shoaf
Virginia McChesney
Kris Rau McIntyre
Lloyd Meeker
Jonathan Michaelsen
Mike Murphy
W.L. Newkirk

Eric Nielsen
Tom Orr
James Panowski
Scott Parker
Mary Pentz
Ginger Poole
Megan Greenlee Potts
Edward Powers
Cortland “Pete” Raby
Shannon Robert
Cynthia Samuelson
Timothy Scott
Anne Sherman
Walter Shipley
Creighton Sloan
Dean Slusser
Tripp Smith
Samuel “Sam” Sparks
John Spiegel
Marshall St. Clair
Thomas Stephens
David Thompson
Kent Thompson
Robert Thurston
Edmond Williams
David Wohl

Become a Life Member Today!

Becoming a life member of SETC is an investment not only in your educational and/or professional pursuits, but an investment in the future of the arts and SETC as an organization. Being an SETC Life Member means staying connected and giving back while enjoying special events and exclusive services and privileges.

The $1,320 fee for Life Membership is actually a tax-deductible contribution (check with your tax advisor) to the SETC Scholarship/Awards Fund which supports over $20,000 in theatre scholarships and awards annually. You can even choose which scholarship/award to donate to!

Life Members are some of SETC’s most loyal and dedicated alumni. We encourage you to become a Life Member and establish your lifelong connection with SETC.

To become a Life Member of SETC, click here.

Additional Benefits to Becoming an SETC Life Member:

  • Once your life membership contract is paid (you must make all payments within 12 months), your SETC dues are waived.
  • Your influence will live on and help other emerging artists, educators and theatre practitioners long after you are able to help directly.
  • Income from your life membership provides a stable financial foundation for SETC.
  • Any future increases in membership dues will not affect you.
  • You receive all SETC membership benefits for life.


We are 110% committed to our constituents, inclusion, and the craft of theatre.