Sara Spencer Child Drama Award

About the Award

The Sara Spencer Child Drama Award recognizes the work of an individual or organization for dynamic and engaging work for young people. Nominees can excel in such areas as playwriting, performance, audience development, curriculum development, funding, scholarship, community programs, research, television programming, creative drama or other enrichment programs at their community, state, regional or national level.

This award honors children’s theatre pioneer and founder of the Children’s Theatre Press (now the Anchorage Press) Sara Spencer. Spencer was the first recipient of SETC’s Suzanne M. Davis Award in 1965.

Nomination Deadline
Monday, November 29, 2021 at 11:59PM ET

2021 Award Recipient

Applause! Cary Youth Theatre

Mission Statement: Empowering people to imagine, create, and collaborate, onstage and off.

Applause! programs empower young people to imagine, create, and collaborate, onstage and off. Explore creative drama, acting, performance, musical theater, technical theater, design, dance, and more in a supportive place where we communicate, take chances, solve problems, share ideas, and respect different points of view.

Cookeville Children’s Theatre
Rhonda Wilson, Star Center Children’s Theatre
Jeremy Kisling
Appalachian Young People’s Theatre
Kim Wheetley
Brenda May Ito
Gayle Sergel
The Children’s Theatre Foundation of America
Betsy Bisson
South Carolina Children’s Theatre
Gainesville Theatre Alliance: WonderQuest
Theatre IV
Judith Kase-Polisini
Stage One: Louisville Children’s Theatre
NC Theatre for Young People
Al Cohen
Roger Bedard
Barbara Britton
Tom Behm
Ann Hill
Orlin Corey
Birmingham Children’s Theatre
Patricia Whitton
Elizabeth Rike
Lexington Children’s Theatre
The Department of Dramatic Arts at the University of South Alabama
Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre
The Chattanooga Theatre Centre’s Youth Theatre
Children’s Theatre of Charlotte
The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati


For more information, contact Sara Spencer Child Drama Award Nominations Chair Jeremy Kisling.


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