Suzanne M. Davis Memorial Award

About the Award

The Suzanne M. Davis Memorial Award was established to honor one individual each year for distinguished service to SETC over a number of years and is presented during the SETC Annual Convention awards banquet. Administration of this award is assigned to the Nominations Committee, with the final choice made by vote of the Board of Directors.

Suzanne M. Davis was the wife of Harry Davis, a SETC founder, its ninth president, and the original director of Unto These Hills. Suzanne was the production’s first costume designer and was the first to suggest that there should be an annual award to a person for outstanding service to SETC. When Suzanne died, Alvin Cohen endowed that award in her memory.

2018 Award Recipient

Congratulations to Betsey Horth

“There’s great future in this field — just explore it.”  – Betsey Horth

Award Announcement by Past President Jack Benjamin:

It is tradition to keep the name of the honoree secret until it is announced at this event each year and we intend to hopefully keep this tradition intact until the end of this presentation.

Tonight’s honoree first came to SETC in the 1990’s and has served the organization ever since. From the time that our honoree got involved with SETC, they have impacted many facets of the organization. In fact, as I began to contemplate how to best describe our honoree it became evident that I needed to reach out to various individuals who have served alongside our honoree. I asked one simple question to these folks: “Please describe our honoree in one word.” Here are some examples of what they said:

  • Eternal optimist. There is a certain quality about them and their approach to life’s challenges that lets you know that everything is going to be OK.
  • Visionary. They see how things can be, not how they have been!
  • Dynamic. Because of their unbounded energy – even when the going gets tough.
  • Finally, resourceful, because they are a great problem solver and will always find a way of solving the most difficult challenges while finding a way to continue the dialogue and coming to a successful conclusion.

I have had the privilege of knowing our recipient since they came on the SETC scene. I wholeheartedly agree with these descriptive terms and can add the following descriptors: caring, helpful, connector, and friendship.

Going back to something I said earlier, not only has our honoree impacted many facets of SETC, they have impacted every facet. Our honoree has been a driving force for the prominence of SETC in the Southeast and beyond. During their service SETC has grown in numbers both physically as well as financially. They have been the cornerstone for the national distinction SETC has gained due to our convention, publications and relationships with many other theatre organizations across the country.

As Past President David Wohl, AACT’s Executive Director Quiana Clark-Roland, as well as the SETC central office staff and our honoree’s husband, David, join together to escort our recipient, it is my distinct honor to present the 2018 Suzanne Davis Award to my colleague and friend: SETC’s Executive Director Betsey Horth.

Past Award Recipients

2017:  Ron Keller
2016:  Dean Slusser
2015:  Alan Litsey
2014:  David Thompson
2013:  Stephen Bayless
2012:  Bob Ankrom
2011:  Denise Halbach
2010:  Dennis Wemm
2009:  Donna White
2008:  Mike Murphy
2007:  Joe Filippo
2006:  Jack Benjamin
2005:  Victoria Pennington
2004:  Ward Haarbauer
2003:  Mark J. Malinauskas
2002:  Susan Cole
2001:  David Wohl
2000:  Clifton Egan
1999:  William E. Wilson
1998:  Donald Wolfe
1997:  Thomas Stephens
1996:  Gerald Ray Horne
1995:  Frank Mohler
1994:  H. Jefferson Corbin
1993:  Richard Newdick
1992:  Scott Parker
1991:  Donald Drapeau
1990:  Hazel Hall
1989:  Dicki Farrar
1988:  Donald Loeffler
1987:  Arthur Greene
1986:  Dorothy Schwartz
1985:  Robert Knowles
1984:  David Weiss
1983:  Alvin Cohen
1982:  Allen Bales
1981:  Richard Fallon
1980:  Delmar Solem
1979:  Robroy Farquhar
1978:  Mark Sumner
1977:  Albert Johnson
1976:  Philip Hill
1975:  Herman Middleton
1974:  Marian Smith
1973:  Ann Hill
1972:  Roger Boyle
1971:  Randolph Edmonds
1970:  Marian Galloway
1969:  Harry Davis
1968:  Leighton Ballew
1967:  Bob Porterfield
1966:  Paul Green
1965:  Sara Spencer