Support Education in Theatre

Contributions to the Endowment Fund allow SETC to grant annual awards and scholarships to those pursuing an education in theatre.

The SETC Endowment Fund supports these scholarships and awards:

  • Denise Halbach Scholarship for graduate study in acting or musical theatre performance
  • John Spiegel Theatrical Artist Award for students pursuing a technical theatre degree
  • Keynote Emerging Artists of Promise (KEAP) for high school students with financial need
  • Leighton M. Ballew Scholarship for graduate study in directing
  • Marian A. Smith Scholarship for graduate study in costume
  • Polly Holliday Scholarship for college-bound high school theatre students
  • Robert Porterfield Scholarship for graduate study in theatre
  • Secondary School Scholarship for college-bound high school theatre students
  • Tom Behm Award for professional development in the field of theatre for youth
  • William E. Wilson Scholarship for graduate study for secondary school theatre educators

For more information on any of our scholarships, visit Scholarships and Awards.

Ways to Give

1. Make a Donation

Your tax-deductible contributions are welcome! Simply visit our online donations page and enter the amount you would like to donate. You can give to our General Fund (your contribution will be applied where SETC’s need is greatest) and/or designate which specific scholarship(s) you would like to support. It’s that easy to help theatre students achieve their goals!

If you prefer to contact us directly to make your donation, please call or email the SETC central office staff at 336-272-3645 or info@setc.org.

2. Become a Life Member

If you would like to become a Life Member of the country’s largest theatre organization, your $1,320 lifetime membership to SETC goes directly to support the Endowment Fund. Contact our central office to become an SETC Life Member.

3. Shop AmazonSmile

Select the Southeastern Theatre Conference as the charitable organization you’d like to support, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to us:

4. Buy Convention Gear

Each year at the convention, we sell a variety of SETC and theatre-related goodies (t-shirts, lanyards, bags, notebooks, and more) on site in our Convention Gear booth near Registration. There’s something new every year, so come see what we have to offer. All proceeds support the Endowment Fund.

5. Support the Silent Auction

Near Convention Gear, you’ll also find our annual Silent Auction on site at the convention. Again, all proceeds support the Endowment Fund, so consider donating an item or placing a bid.

6. Help Us Expand Opportunities

In consultation with SETC, donors may allocate their gift to a specific project or fund. When aligned with the needs of our membership, SETC gratefully accepts in-kind support (goods and services) as well as sponsorships and underwriting by corporations, foundations, or other groups. Read our Charitable Gifts and Gift Acceptance Policies for a broad overview of what gifts SETC can accept and how we use the funds. Please get in touch with any ideas you or your organization may have to support our work!

Contributions to the SETC Endowment

Jan. 5, 2018 – Jan. 22, 2019

Thank you to all who have generously contributed to SETC’s endowment recently!

Hali Agner
Dave Avant
Maegan Azar
Jerry Bangham
Cassie Barrios
Jesse Bates
Rebecca Beasley
Amanda Bellis
Kelly Berry
Stacy Blackburn
David Bondy
Tom Booth
Stuart Brown
Brandi Buntain
Savannah Callais
Mara Cantrell-Paulson
Khadijah Carr
Audrey Caudill
Edward Cheetham
Freddy Clements
Bethany Cochran
Kimberly Creasman
Lee Crouse
Theo Edwards-Butler
Chip Egan
Matt Ferrell
Lindsay Fussell
Katharina Fox
Pat Gagliano
Nancy Gall-Clayton
Tiza Garland
Emily Garner

Jeffery Gibson
Ben Gillespie
Rhyan Granger
Brandyn Graves
Anthony Haigh
Denise Halbach
John Hammer
Julia Hammond
Tonya Hays
Keith Hight
Hannah Holzinger
David Horth
Alex Jeffers
Ruth Jeffers
Crystal Jordan
Chip Keebaugh
Matthew Leckenbusch
Alan Litsey
Sadie Sue Long
Russell Luke
Elaine Malone
Patti Marcuson
Tim Matheny
Sarah McCarroll
Julie McCracken
Kris McIntyre
Ali McMurtrey
Sarah Mixon
Sharon Morgan
Mike Murphy
Amanda Nelson
Mary Norman
Gregor Patti

JW Perry
Andrew Phillips
Morgan Piner
Charles Pogue
Tim Rhodes
Chris Rich
Julie A. Richardson
Libby Rodriguez
Rona Rones
Stephen Samuels
Michael Scott
Timothy Scott
Annie Sherman
Margaret Shivers
Savannah Slaby
Dean Slusser
Stephanie Slusser
John Spiegel
Lyle Tate
Clay Thornton
Jeremiah Turner
Demi VanderWerff
Stephen Vaught
Kathryn Voelker
Karen Vuranch
Lamont Wade
Katherine Webster
Dennis Wemm
Zechariah William
Mattilyn Winburn
David Wohl
Juliet Yaques
Lacey Zeller