Betsey Horth Arts Administration Advancement Grant

Our Newest Grant

In addition to much SETC scholarship/award assistance for actors, technicians, playwrights and teachers, SETC is pleased to offer this newest grant to specifically assist individuals/organizations looking to advance and strengthen their spheres in regard to Arts Administration.

Program Purpose

In 2019, SETC established the Betsey Horth Arts Administration Advancement Grant to support either individual theatre professionals or theatre organizations in developing, retuning, or expanding leadership and/or management skills or areas. As the espousal of artists is more-than-ever needed and the business of art continues to evolve, SETC encourages continuing education for Arts Administrators and the development of the organizations they lead. The stability and progress of an arts organization or project relies heavily on the competency and leadership of its administrative team and volunteer leadership such as a Board of Directors.

The Arts Administration Advancement Grant may be used by an individual who is either a seasoned professional looking for leadership development, specialized training, or skills improvement or an Arts Administration student wishing to expand their leadership/management experience outside of their regular course of study. The Grant may also be used by a theatre organization or service group to assist with hiring a newly graduated Arts Administration professional (position to be detailed and not an intern/apprentice) or for an organization that is looking to develop its staff and leadership as a group which might include training in fundraising, strategic planning, social media, governance, etc.

Grant Application Deadline
October 20, 2022 at 11:59 ET

One grant of $1,000 will be awarded to either an individual or non-academic theatre organization.


Organizations are eligible to apply for the Betsey Horth Arts Administration Advancement Grant if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Current SETC Organizational Member
    • Located anywhere in the United States
    • Non-academic professional or community theatre
    • Proposed coursework, trainings, consultations, etc. must comply with all applicable federal (including Fair Labor Standards Act), state and local laws and ordinances.
    • Must have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as defined by the IRS for at least two years

Individuals are eligible to apply for the Betsey Horth Arts Administration Advancement Grant if they meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Current SETC Individual Member
    • Located anywhere in the United States

Program Consideration

Individuals/Organizations receiving grants through the Betsey Horth Arts Administration Advancement Grant program are responsible for identifying opportunities or issues/weaknesses to be resolved that the grant can support.  Programs may include:

For Professionals:

    • Leadership Development, Specialized Training, Skills Improvement

For Students:

    • Expansion of Leadership/Management Experience (Outside of Regular Course of Study)

For Non-Academic Organizations:

    • Hiring a Newly Graduated Arts Administration Professional (Not an Intern/Apprentice)
    • Staff & Leadership Development (Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Social Media, Governance, etc.)

2021-2022 Grant Recipient

Joe Sendek

Mr. Joe Sendek is the Theatre & Performing Arts Director at Perry High School.

Mr. Sendek has a Master’s degree in the Education of Theatre & Communicative

Arts from the University of Montevallo in Alabama.  He is a proud recipient of the Best Director Award from the Southeastern Theatre Conference in 2020 and the Innovative Playwriting Award in 2021.  He chose a career in education because he enjoys introducing the world of Theatre and challenging his students to discover new facets of creativity within themselves. Mr. Sendek enjoys traveling with his wife and their son, playwriting and making puppets.

“This Grant will open the doors for both myself as a puppet designer/builder, for my students, and my theatre community. The instruction from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts and Adam Kreutinger will provide me with a greater depth of knowledge as a puppet designer and builder. My goal is always to express my creativity, share my knowledge, and, most importantly, inspire a new group to explore something they have never tried before.”

About Betsey Horth

The program was started in honor of Betsey Horth’s 20-year tenure as the Executive Director of the Southeastern Theatre Conference. An exceptional leader, manager, and collaborator, Betsey served countless theatre professionals and organizations by being a driving force behind SETC’s convention, publications, and relationships. Betsey fostered and embraced SETC’s evolution from a regional to national theatre organization, maintained SETC’s financial stability during major growth, and spearheaded expanding SETC’s programming into year-round events and service. She is SETC’s Executive Director Emeritus and has been honored with SETC’s most prestigious honors, the Suzanne M. Davis Memorial Award and induction to the SETC Hall of Fame.

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