SETC’s Annual Convention features five Theatre Performance Festivals, where the best and the brightest talent in the nation showcase original and revised works of art. Community theatres, high schools, fringe performers and theatre’s creative class from across 10 southeastern states unveil their work before packed audiences in live performances.

Festivals don’t just produce great theatre; audiences and production companies can learn from highly qualified respondents who view the performances and respond to what they see.

Community Theatre Festival

The southeast region’s top community theatres gather for three days of performances, critiques and social events during the SETC Annual Convention. Every other year, two SETC winners go to the National AACTFest (the next AACTFest year is 2019). Theatres start the process during the fall within each of the 10 southeastern states.

Fringe Festival

Performances abound daily at the SETC Annual Convention, including one-person shows and experimental theatre, theatre for youth productions and state festival recommended performances. Open to applicants who meet the criteria or are recommended.

High School Theatre Festival

Up to 20 high schools represent their respective states during a two-day theatre festival that presents, critiques and celebrates high school theatre at the SETC Annual Convention. Interested in participating? The process starts in the fall at festivals in each of the 10 southeastern states and concludes with the award ceremony Saturday night at the SETC Convention.

Ten-Minute Play Festival

Be one of 30 young playwrights, director and actors to write, cast, rehearse and perform five 10-minute plays within 24 hours!

Theatre for Youth Invitational Festival

There is no more vital theatre than that which is created to open the minds of our children to the limitless possibilities that await them. Three performances feature some of the finest Children’s Theatre. Performances are Thursday morning during the SETC Annual Convention, followed by a critique session offered by highly respected respondents.  This festival is open to the public.

Want to participate? Need more information on SETC Festivals?

The Community and High School Festivals begin at the state level in the Fall. Productions will represent each state as the result of the state festivals. Each state follows a particular format and will be pleased to forward you information. Contact the SETC Central Office at 336-272-3645, info@setc.org or click on the festival above for more information.